Balance Body Oil 150ml
Balance Body Oil 150ml

Balance Body Oil 150ml

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Oils of fractionated Coconut and Sesame.
Energetically infused with:
Positive affirmation
Neurological organisation 
Fight / flight de stressing 
Deep cellular hydration
Optimal Nutritional cellular rejuvenation 
Removal of toxic and dead cells
Energy to create new vital cells 
Positive touch response 
Immutable sovereignty 
Optimal facia balance for elasticity 
Protective and immune chi defence 
Osteopathic cranial balance 
Your skin is your largest organ, it holds you together, protects you, and co creates in allegiance with your soul your unique sovereign appearance in life. It intelligently responds to stress, environmental factors, touch, nutrition and thought. 
This hand crafted high quality self care product combines the healing and soothing compounds of oils with the energetic and vibratory protocols of kinesiology. 
Master massage therapist and Kinesiologist Mary Robinson through expertise and application delivers a product encapsulating this.