Balance Dreaming Oil - 10mL roller

Balance Dreaming Oil - 10mL roller

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Ingredients: Pure Jojoba Oil


Energetically infused to help us create our dreams without the unconscious emotions that hold us back.


Did you know we process emotions in our sleep? Specifically in the REM state, which is also our dream state. So this Oil has been created with the intent that you:


  • process unconscious emotions while you sleep.
  • Immune function - to make sure our rest and digest function is working enabling self healing
  • Circadian rhythms to help us hand better sleep patterns
  • DMT activation to help us create the reality of our conscious goals or dreams.


Its time to bring the Dreamtime alive.


What do you want to create?


This massage oil has been created with the intention to bring balance, rejuvenation and harmony into your state of being. In no way is this product intended to cure, heal or treat any kind of illness, issue or pain. Please consult your health professional for medical advice.