Balance Embrace Oil - 100ml

Balance Embrace Oil - 100ml

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Balance Embrace Oil ‘Hug in a bottle’


The heart is the most powerful electromagnetic energy in the human body. Balance Embrace Oil is energetically balanced to help that energy cohere with the vibration of unconditional Love. 

This beautiful soft Oil has been balanced to align you with the vibration of unconditional Love.

  • Unconditional Love affirmation 
  • Fight/flight de-stressing 
  • Immutable sovereignty 
  • Muscle/facia balance for elasticity 
  • Immune/chi defence 
  • Heart and kidney detoxification pathways 
  • Heart coherence 
  • Sound frequencies for the heart 


Ingredients: Oils of Fractionated Coconut and Argan.


When we filter our thoughts and emotions through the heart, we can shape what’s ahead of us with Love, compassion and joy.